tom strom


It's Painting time in the Netherlands!

Tuesday January 06, 2015

As thngs are starting to settle in after moving to the Netherlands, My wife, Jackee and I are starting to build our lives again. Tattooing here is a slow but welcomed start for me. It was so crazy this last year, preparing our lives for chaos and tattooing non stop to make it happen. It's still a blur. All in all though, it was one hundred percent worth it and I had the strongest year yet in tattooing. Now that we're finally here, our lives have slowed down tremendously. It's left us with a lot of free time to really digest everything and figure out where to put our energy. Painting more is where it all seems to be going at this point. We're both off to a good start and we're only going to keep going. We're not sure where it will take us but either way, we have plenty of free time to paint and make as much stuff as we want. Once tattooing picks back up for me, I will be keeping it at a much more relaxed schedule with more advanced clients interested in larger scale work. It's not to say that I won't take some fun smaller pieces here and there because I love doing those as well, but mostly I want to focus more is all. So this year will hopefully allow me to bring in some really fun tattoos and see where painting goes. I'm also taking painting commissions now as well so if you're interested in something weird and fun, send me an email. Here's a recently completed Medusa to look at for now. Thanks!